How to Compare Golf Iron Clubs

Have you always wanted to learn more about golf clubs but just didn’t know where to start? It’s impossible to learn everything overnight. You’ll need time, research, and patience to be able to make out which golf clubs would be the right fit for your game. We already talked about getting the right equipment once before, so check that out if you haven’t already.

Golf club irons

Get Offline & Try Going to a Store

The Internet can be helpful when you’re trying to buy a club but nothing feels more satisfying than seeing and holding the club in person. So head on over to your local sporting goods store – they’ll also have plenty of knowledgeable employees around to help you choose the right items.

Bring a Friend Along

Make the process easier by bringing along a friend who’s an experienced golfer. Get their feedback or opinion on the various brands, types and designs. Ask them what they’re currently using and what their experiences playing with those clubs have been like.

Try It Out for Yourself

As mentioned above, the Internet’s good, but going to a sport goods store allows you to actually touch and handle the clubs. Test them out – practice your grip and swing on each one. This allows you to a hands-on comparison and makes it easier for you to choose the one that “feels” the best to you.

Check for Comfort & Weight

When trying out a club, pay attention to how the shaft feels when you grip it. Don’t forget to take the weight into account too – if it’s too heavy, it’ll be harder to swing. Find the perfect weight and balance that gives you the distance you want when it comes to hitting the golf ball and improves your overall performance.

Match Your Skill Set

There are five flex types when it comes to a golf club’s shaft:

  • L for “Ladies” (has the most flex)
  • A for “Seniors”
  • R for “Regular”
  • S for “Stiff”
  • X for “Extra Stiff” (has the least flex)

The general rule of thumb is: the faster and stronger your swing, the less flex you want in your shaft. Those who hit over 250 yards will want an X-flex, while those who hit below 180 yards should go for an L-flex.

Get Professional Assistance

If there’s a golf retailer near you, try checking them out – retailers that specialize in golf may have resources and professional help to aide you in finding the right clubs. For example, they can help measure your swing speed to match you with the most suitable golf iron clubs.