Guide to Buying New Equipment

For anyone new to golf, you will first need to get equipment. Those of us who do not have somebody to give us their secondhand clubs must go out and purchase our own equipment.

What Do I need to Buy for Golf?

To start off, you really only absolutely must have two types of equipment:

  • Golf clubs
  • Golf balls

Let’s start with the first of these.

Buying Golf Clubs

Collection of golf clubs

Again, if you have just gotten into golfing, at some point you are going to want to get your own clubs. You might have borrowed them from someone or rented them to get into the game, but you are ready to get your own clubs. When going out and choosing a set of clubs, this can be a difficult experience since there are so many options out there.

Grip is something that you will need to focus on as well. Don’t forget this. Find out which rips work for you and which ones aren’t so comfortable. Yes, these can be replaced later on, but you might as well order the ones that you like from day one.

Pro tip: Try to test out your potential club purchases. Go to a range and rent a few clubs. Get some different brands and different lengths to find out what works best for you. Once you get the ones that feel the most comfortable, you will know the sizes that you are comfortable with and which ones you like the best.

If you aren’t able to physically try out the clubs yourself before you buy, then be sure to check the clubs out online to compare (look for in-depth reviews like these here). Be sure to do your due diligence. Clubs are a long-term investment in your golf game.

Once you find some good clubs to use, it’s time to stock up on golf balls.

Buying Golf Balls

Tons of golf balls

For some people who golf, the type of ball they choose to play with can have a huge impact on their game. This makes choosing a golf ball all the more important.

Golf Ball Varieties

When you go shopping for golf balls, comparing the different features while help you determine what you need on the greens to improve your game and score.

A few pointers:

Determine the basic construction you want out of the ball.

There are three basic constructions: one, two and three piece. One piece is often used by beginners and for practice at the driving range. Two piece is most commonly used by everyday players for it’s distance and durability. Three piece is used by seasoned players because of it’s high spin rate and control.

Compare the spin rate on the balls.
Low spin allows the ball to go straighter in the air but spin once it hits the ground and it’s best for beginners who want distance on the fairway. Mid spin balls offer a slight spin with distance, making it ideal for almost all golfers. High spin golf balls spin in the air, giving them an advantage on the greens but not with distance.

Choose the feel of the golf ball.

A firm feel golf ball works better for distance when swinging on the fairway, but the hardness has a disadvantage on the greens with its lack of precision and control. A mid feel ball has both distance and control, making it an ideal choice for most golfers. A soft feel golf ball is easier to spin and control, though is not efficient with distance.

There are a variety of balls to choose from, some that go an increased distance or others that are easily controlled, but choosing the right one for you can be confusing — especially if you’re new to the game.

Just like having the right clubs, picking the right golf ball for your style of play can help you tremendously.